Sunday, April 17, 2011

Non-Existent In My Mailbox

I got no books this week : ( Sob! That's why it's a non-existent IMM because I got not books, viamailbox or otherwise : ( I ordered four awesome books off The Book Depository  (love that website!!!) on Tuesday, but they haven't come yet. Hopefully they'll come next week and then I'll have some books to show you : ) Now, so this post isn't all plain, I'm going to post some random (but cool) pictures below : D (If you don't like animals, I suggest you skip this)

Sorry, they're all animal pictures! But animal pictures are the funniest : ) Bye!


  1. Haha, I loved the pictures!! :-D
    I got some library books so I guess they didn't come via my mailbox either. Hope your books come soon!

  2. Love the pictures!! Especially the last one :P

  3. Lovin' the pics: the last one was hilarious! Yeah, animal pics are the best!
    Aww, I hate it when books don't come when you want them to. Btw, are you in the UK or USA? 'Cause if you're in the UK there's this awesome website called Redhouse. I get loads of books from there: they're all YA/Kid and all discounted prices. I got the Need and Mortal Instrument series for only £7or£8. And, if you spend over £15, I think it is, which is of course so easy to do, delivery's free! It's the best! I've left a link: here


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