Sunday, September 2, 2012

Letterbox Love #7

Letterbox Love is a weekly meme, hosted by Narratively Speaking. It's a great way of sharing what books you receive every week, and I'm delighted to be taking part! 

I'm baaack! :) This is my LL for pretty much all of August, so I have a lot of books! I will be posting more regularly in September now that I'm back to school, so expect lots of reviews and hopefully an LL every week! :) Now, here are my books:


Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson

I've heard great things about this author, and this looks like an emotional read, one I've been wanting to erad for a while now! Thanks to Caroline at Portrait of a Woman for this!

For review: 

The City's Son by Tom Pollock
I hadn't heard anything about this before it turned up (thanks Quercus!) but I've since seen a few reviews, positive and negative! However, it's a beautiful hardback edition, and I hope to read it soon.

Breathe by Sarah Crossan (ARC)

This sounds so amazing! I'm been looking forward to this for aaaaaages :D I can't wait to read it! Thanks Bloomsbury :)

Jenny Q: Stitched Up by Pauline McLynn

I love Father Ted, and this book looks and sounds hilarious! Thanks Puffin :)

Dear Dylan by Siobhan Curham

I've been wanting to read this for ages, it's gotten rave reviews and the story sounds fantastic :) Thanks to the author and to Electric Monkey for this!

Crusher by Niall Leonard (ARC)

This doesn't sound like my usual thing, but I'm looking forward to giving it a go, it sounds quite different :) Thanks Random House!

Torn by David Massey

I haven't read many war book before, but this looks brilliant. Thanks Chicken House!

Debutantes by Cora Harrison
Tempest by Julie Cross
Starcrossed by Josephine Angilini
Abandon  by Meg Cabot
Thanks to Macmillan for these! I've already read and loved Debutantes, (how could I not, look at that cover!) and am looking forward to reading the others books too.

The Twice-Lived Summer of Bluebell Jones by Susie Day
This came with a candy cane thing, which was delicious ;) This looks fab, thanks Scholastic!

The awesome purple edges! :)

The Wolf Princess by Cathryn Constable

I hadn't heard of this before it turned up, but it came with a lovely letter from the publisher, and now I'm totally intrigued, it sounds amazing! It came in gorgeous purple packaging...with sparkles :') Thanks soooo much Chicken House!


Vampire Academy: Blood Promise by Richelle Mead
I've already read this (but won't be reviewing it). It was good, but a bit disappointing compared to the others books in the series. If any of you have read the VA series, which is your favourite and least favourite book? And are the fifth and sixth book better than the fourth?! ;)


Losing Lila (not pictured)

REALLY looking forward to starting this :D I loved Hunting Lila, and I've heard this is just as good! yay :)

What did you get in your letterbox?


  1. Yay you're back! We missed you! Woo! :')

    So jealous of this book haul - everything looks amazing! Abandon's really good and, even though I wasn't the biggest fan of Crusher, it was alright. I hope you enjoy it better than I did! Ooooh, Breathe! It looks amazing, can't wait to see what you think of it! Love those purple edges! And candy cane? Lucky you! ;D

    So happy you're back! :)

  2. Wonderful books! I adored The Twice-Lived Summer of Bluebell Jones. And Wintergirls is heartbreaking.
    Welcome back!

  3. Welcome back! I have read Tempest and didn't like it and I have dear Dylan but still haven't started it so I'll wait for your review till I read it :D


  4. I love the sound of Wintergirls! Dear Dylan is SO good, I loved it.(: I love the sound of Debutantes, and the cover is super pretty! So jealous of The Twice-Lived Summer of Bluebell Jones, it looks so cute! So many great books here, I hope you enjoy them all. :D <3

  5. Brilliant books!! :) Torn and Crusher sounds amazing!! The Twice-Lived Summer of Bluebell Jones looks awesome as well, I hope you enjoy all of your fantastic books!! :)
    Yay!! Your back!! :) I really missed your posts!! :)
    Beth xx

  6. Yay, I'm glad you're back!!!

    Great haul, I read and loved Dear Dylan and I hope you do too. I had mixed feelings about The City's Son, but hopefully you'll enjoy it more than I did. I'm in the middle of Debutantes and am finding it pretty boring :( But yes, that cover is stunning!!!

    Enjoy your books, Cliona! :) xxx

  7. Laurie Halse Andersen is a great author and yeah, Wintergirls is pretty emotional. I also liked Speak by her, also very good :) Enjoy!

  8. Wow! Amaaaazing books, Cliona! It's good to see you back - yay!!!! :D :D :D <--- my face ;)
    I loved Dear Dylan, it was such a fun read :D I keep meaning to read a Laurie Halse Anderson book, especially Wintergirls, so I hope you enjoy this one :)
    I'm so jealous of Abandon, Breathe, and Tempest! And Wolf Princess looks amazing, the packaging is gorgeous <3
    Happy reading, and good luck with your school year :) xx

  9. SO MANY WONDERFUL BOOKS! I LOVED Twice-Lived Summer! And Wintergirls. And ooh, I really liked Starcrossed, Abandon and Tempest.

  10. wow! so many awesome books! I loved Wintergirls and Torn was really good, I couldnt get enough of The city's Son either so I really hope you love all of those, and of course your other books too!! Enjoy!

  11. So many good books! I got Dear Dyan last week and i can't wait to read it either. I loved Starcrossed and i hope you do too! I liked Abandoned and can't wait to get my hand on Underworld. I love the sound of Wolf Princess and i also love the cover! Hope you enjoy all of them! =D

    Sangita @ Whisper of Reads.


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