Friday, August 17, 2012

Quickie :)

Hi guys - I just wanted to let you know that I probably won't be posting at all these next couple of weeks, because summer's nearly over and I want to take advantage of the last couple of weeks before school starts back again by swimming, and going out etc. :) Sorry! But I'll be reviewing lots in September hopefully :D Bye everyone and enjoy the rest of your summer!


  1. Unfortunetly, I went back to school today! :(

    But I totally understand that you want to do this! I hope you enjoy the last weeks! Of course, I'll miss you - but have fun! :D

  2. Aw, we understand! Obviously, like everyone else, I'll miss your posts but have a great time! :D xx

  3. I think it's really nice that you want to take advantage of the last couple of weeks. Like Rachel and Zoe, I'll miss your posts too, but I really hope you enjoy what's left of your summer! :D xxx

  4. I have a couple weeks left of holiday too, that I need to take advantage of. But it's so hot today that I'm just going to be hiding out in my room!

    Can't wait to see you back, Cliona-- enjoy the rest of your holidays!

  5. I hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays!! I'll really miss your posts-but have a great time!!
    Beth xx

  6. I really lovee your blog I hope you don't mind that I have put it on 'my blog list' :)
    Maybe if you get time you could check it out? :)
    I sometimes do book reviews:)


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