Monday, October 10, 2011

In My Mailbox #17

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren where bloggers show what book they received that week, via mailbox, library, bought, borrowed or any other way. It's a great way to see who's reading what so make sure you head on over and join in! 

This week, I met....wait for it...wait for bom bommm...DARREN SHAN!!! WOOOH! (I am so excited because he is the first author I've ever met! But I think even if this wasn't the first time meeting an author, I would still be excited!) I was so happy! Darren is the author that got me into reading! Every single book he's ever written is brilliant! I knew I had to meet him at some point in my life. And so I was looking at his website, and he was doing a couple of  signings in Ireland, so I went to one of them! I was only lining up for about 30 mins, and he was really nice! He signed all *coughtwenty-twocough* of my books for me. I felt sorry for the people behind me...

I bought Darren's new book, Palace of the Damned, the third in the Larten Crepsley saga. He signed that too :) I asked him about the new series he has been hinting about on his website, and he told me he couldn't say anything yet, but he should be announcing it on his blog sometimes this week. So I'm uber-excited! But unfortunately, I forget to mention to him about my blog! Argh! I think I'm going to write him a letter though. I've been meaning to anyway! By the way, if you haven't read anything by Darren Shan yet, you must! I would recommend starting with Lord Loss, or Cirque Du Freak if you're not a fan of horror!

OK, so to the point! I just got two books this week. They are...


Palace of the Damned by Darren Shan
I love this series! I am really looking forward to starting this!


And By The Way... by Denise Deegan
My friend gave me this and told me it was brilliant. I'm been wanting to read it anyway, so I suppose I better give it a go!

So that's my mailbox! I might show some of the signed books next week, because this week, I couldn't be bothered taking a picture and uploading and going to all that trouble! I had a good week anyway! 

What did you get in you mailbox?


  1. I personally am not a fan of Darren Shan's, I'm not really into his genre of books.

    I recently met Denise Deegan, she's lovely!

    I hope you enjoy your books :)

  2. I've not read anything by Darren Shan... Is he really that good??!!
    Great books!

  3. The Butterfly Novels are fab - read them! I've never really been a fan of Darren Shan though. Which of his books would you recommend starting with? S xx

  4. My friend loves Darren Shan and is always going on about his books! I might have to read a few... : P the rest sound good! :D

  5. I really want to read the Denise Deegan book! Can't wait to hear what you think of it. Happy reading!

  6. That Denise Deegan book looks fantastic! I really want to read it and I hope you enjoy it :)

  7. Amy-Ah well, everyone's different! That's so coo, that you met Denise Deegan! Thank you :D

    Rachel-It really depedns on the person! A lot of people aren't fans of scary or fantasy books, and if you're not then he's probably not for you! But you should give him a go anyway :) I think he's brilliant!

    Siona-Great, now I'm looking forward to reading it even more! I would defintely recommend starting with Cirque Du Freak or Lord Loss.

    Lucy-You deffo should!

    Luisa-I know, it looks brilliant! Thanks!

    Clover-It does doesn't it?! Thank you :D

  8. That's it, I now need to read a Darren Shan book!! Hope you enjoy these :)

  9. LOOOL, 22 books :o and he signed them all?! Lucky! I'm glad you finally met your favourite author and enjoy these books(:

  10. 22 books? He's a super-nice author!! For next time you meet an author, you should definately have a little slip of paper with your blog address/twitter/email/whatever on. 'Cause your blog's awesome, and I know they'd all love it!
    Happy reading!! :D


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