Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Books

Hey everyone! Did you all have a good Christmas and get lots of books? Great! So did I! Here are the books I got:                                              
Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy  
by Ally Carter

Beads, Boys and Bangles
by Sophia Bennett

Gleeful! A Totally Unofficial Guide To The
Hit TV Series Glee by Amy Rickman

This next one arrived in the post Christmas Eve Day, and even though I ordered it, I'm still counting it as a present!
Castle of Shadows 
by Ellen Renner

So, I hope everybody had an awesome Christmas (I know I did!) Bye!!!

P.S. I got a bike!!!!!Yay! I know-not very book related! Oh well. Bye!!!(again)


  1. I have been meaning to read Castle of Shadows for ages. I did start it but then I put it down because I needed to read something else. I will have to read it for sure in 2011. Enjoy.

  2. Thanks Becky. I always do that, you know, I've just started a book and then another book that I've wanted to read for ages comes along, and you can't help but stop reading it!


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