Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Very Late First Blogoversary Bookster Reviews!

Happy belated birthday Bookster Reviews! It was actually the blog's 'birthday' on November 21st, but since my computer was broken then I'm doing a post now instead! So! First of all, before I thank everyone who helped me the past year with blogging, I just want to say I can't believe I've been blogging this long. I never thought I would get so many followers, and so many comments and it just means so much to me that all of you actually like reading my reviews, and my posts and everything. I know I don't have many followers compared to a lot of blogs that are a year old, but 76 is plenty for me! (But I still appreciate new followers!)

Now on to the 'thank yous':

Luisa Plaja for being my second follower, being the first person to send me books to review, for being a fantastic blogger, recommending books to me, for helping me get started and just supporting me all through my blogging journey. And for writing fantastic books! Thank you so much Luisa, you are the nicest author ever :)

Sophia Bennett for letting me be part of her blog tour, my very first blog tour, and sending me her book to review. And for being so lovely and an amazing author.

All the authors at Girls Heart Books, especially Susie Day, Sarah Webb and Jo Cotterhill, for being helpful, giving me and loads of other people writing tips, and for writing brilliant, funny and sometimes crazy posts!

Thank you to the following publishers for sending me books to review, and letting me take part in blog tours they were hosting :)  :

Andersen Press
Chicken House

Oh, there are so many bloggers I could mention! I can't thank you all though, we would be here for hours! - so I'm just going to thank a few:

Zoe from Bookhi
Me and Zoe started blogging around the same time, and she is one of my favourite bloggers, and really nice! She is so lovely and helpful, and has a great blog. Thanks so much Zoe, you're fantastic :)

Amber from The Mile Long Bookshelf
Amber's blog was the first blog I read. I hadn't even heard of blogging before I read her blog, and she told me how to set up a blog, and helped me in the first couple of months :) So thank you Amber!

Becky from The Bookette
Becky was my first follower, and gave me advice on all kinds of blogging stuff. She hosted the British Books Challenge in 2011, which kind of motivated me to keep blogging after the first month or two. Thanks Becky!

Kristi from The Story Siren
The Story Siren has been around for over 4 years, and on her blog are some incredibly helpful tips about blogging, which really helped me throughout the year!

Michelle from Fluttering Butterflies
A fabulous blog, a fabulous blogger! Michelle always does such brilliant reviews and posts and she is a lovely, and I love to chat to her!

Jen from The Girl in the Purple Pants
Jen is so nice, so cool and does THE COOLEST blog posts :)

Megan from The Book Addicted Girl 
Megan writes fantastic reviews which are a pleasure to read and she's really nice :)

Another few I blogs/bloggers I would like to thank are Jenny from  Wondrous Reads, Rachel from Booktastic Reviews, and Cat from Life Through a Cat's Eyes.

And loads of other people, but I just can't mention everyone! So that's my blogoversary post, I hope you enjoyed reading it! Bye! :)


  1. Happy late blog birthday!! XD I absolutely love your blog, and you really deserve all of the appreciation ^_^

  2. Oh wow, I can't believe I missed this before! I'm so sorry! Thank you so much for the wonderful things you said, and I want to say them right back to you! Congratulations on a wonderful year of blogging, and here's to many more! Happy blog birthday, Cliona! :D

  3. How did you get the publishers to send you the books to review? How can I?

  4. Congrats! Happy belated blogoversary!

  5. Belated happy blogoversary! Thank you for the thanks! I hope you have an equally brilliant 2nd Year - maybe you could take part in this years Fortnight of Guests? :)
    All the best and happy reading! :D x

  6. Happy belated blog birthday! It's a very exciting milestone to reach and I hope it's the first of many!

    I'm thrilled and honoured to be included in the list of bloggers you've thanked! I adore you and your blog :) Thank YOU for being so lovely.

  7. Happy blog birthday!!! Everything about your blog is amazing and there will be many more brilliant years to come... :_

    And thank you so so so so much for the really nice things you said about me! Though I don't think I live up to the awesomeness of everyone else you mentioned! :D


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