Monday, March 28, 2011

Cover of the Week #1

I know I already did a feature like this, but I didn't want to only be able to do it once a month, because there's so many different gorgeous book covers out there, and I want to highlight them all! (well, all the ones I like!) So this week's cover is the absolutely, positively AMAZING cover of Fins Are Forever by Tera Lynn Childs....

Synopsis not released yet ( I don't think so anyway)

The girls bluey greeny turquoisey (!) coloured hair and make-up are really what do it for me. They really suit the cover model, who is really pretty too. The whole cover just fits together really well, and I would definitely pick this up in a shop. It's eye-catching and different, and would be a great addition (coverwise : D) to a shelf.

Bye xxx : D


  1. Hey!
    Thank you for stopping by and following, though I don't think it worked, perhaps try re-following?
    I followed becuase your blog is so cute!

    I love this cover too!

  2. Wow! This cover is fabulous. It is definitely eye-catching, as soon as I saw the picture for this post I was! Looking forward to next week's. :-) x


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